Types Of Balloon Inflation

Balloons are one of the inventions which doesn’t seem to be significant in our daily lives but without them, any celebration or happy occasions seem to be incomplete. Balloons are nearly 200 years old invention and went through a long evolution process to the shape and sizes we are using nowadays. Balloons fill up any occasion and events. They are important to make events more colorful and lively. They dramatically enhance the ambiance with their presence. 

There are multiple events and occasions in our society which do not seem complete without balloons. The balloon inflation can be done with different methods and gases. For balloons at home, everyone uses the conventional way of inflation the balloon through the mouth. Nitrogen gas is also used for balloon inflation. Helium is also one of the sources for balloon inflation. All these balloon inflations have their pros and cons. We will be discussing different balloon inflation in this article.

I think there anybody is familiar with the balloon used at home and inflating by breathing air in them. Everyone once in life has done these. These balloons are made of latex and usually have different strength according to the size of balloons. These balloons have short life-like can go up to 4-6 hours and can easily be popped by hand. But they are harmless as this inflation in the balloon is just air which is not flammable and they are very light in size. They are ideal for home functions and birthdays, as they are very compatible with children

Nitrogen inflated balloons are also used for home functions and birthdays. As nitrogen nearly contain the same density as air, so they don’t go up rather they float on the ground level. But the advantage is that one can easily hire a nitrogen cylinder to fill the balloons which makes them convenient in comparison to the balloon inflated by mouth. Nitrogen is also used in Hot air Balloons but they were used as a mean of transportation century back and now they are in use for recreational purposes.

Helium inflated balloons can be said as the popular balloon’s category. We can see helium balloons in our surroundings like parks, events, funfairs or shopping malls, etc. As helium is lighter than air, so these balloons can float in the air and can go up till thin air in the atmosphere. Helium air balloons are symbolic of celebrations and occasions. These balloons come in various sizes also, even life-sized balloons are also available as per occasions. Helium inflation helps these balloons to float in the air and they typically have a life of 12-15 hours in suitable temperature i.e. not very hot or not very cold. But one discrepancy is that bigger balloons can catch fire due to the high intensity of helium as it is highly flammable. So they must be used with caution.